Guide to our Commercial Facilities

Many stores are the first of their kind not only in Umeda but in Osaka and Kansai as well. Some of the shops are new alltogether! Covering18 fields of fashion, we carry famous international select shops as well as popular domestic ones. With various brands setting up their flagship stores here, the area of each shop is larger than that of corresponding shops in surrounding department stores and station buildings. Brands use the displays and spatial presentation of their stores to express their unique philosophies.
Making its first appearance in Japan ZARA HOME, along with MUJI, ACTUS, and KEYUCA, has established its West Japan flagship store at Grand Front Osaka. There is a full lineup of shops for interior and lifestyle-related products. A large number of interesting shops such as Kinokuniya, Shimamura Music classic, HMV, and various beauty and cosmetic stores are available as well.

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